2013 New-Home Sales Climb Surprisingly High | RISMedia

A lot of folks out there have been waiting to buy or build until the market hits bottom in order to get the best price possible. Well I have been saying this for about a year now, the bottom came and if you did not buy then you need to think about doing something now before prices get too far up there. Prices are not the only thing on the rise either, interest rates are gonna begin creeping up and up over the next year and every little increase in interest rates means higher payments. So if anyone is looking to get out and purchase before things get too expensive I would highly encourage you to start looking yesterday! If you need help finding the perfect home and getting the best price and terms possible, or even if you are just looking for some advice on the subject, please feel free to email or call me as I would be more than happy to assist you!



2013 New-Home Sales Climb Surprisingly High | RISMedia.

via 2013 New-Home Sales Climb Surprisingly High | RISMedia.


Back in Business!

the stephen sandlin real estate blog

I have been locked out of my blogs for the last three months, so there has not been a single post in quite some time. Now that I have regained access I will finally be able to continue adding new posts and content on a regular basis!!

Come back soon for some new updates regarding the DFW housing market and what to expect in 2014!

If anyone is interested in real estate (buying/selling/investing) feel free to email me @ stephensandlin@kw.com and/or check out my website http://www.sandlinrealty.com

I look forward to hearing from everyone and hope that I can help you all with any of your real estate questions!!

and also — HAPPY (BELATED) NEW YEAR!!!!

-stephen sandlin

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Great New Community = Willow Ridge in HASLET Northwest ISD


Anyone out there looking for a great community, with affordable options AND withing walking distance of a brand new elementary school, and soon to be walking distance to a brand new HIGH SCHOOL AND MIDDLE SCHOOL TOOO!?! WHAT? THIS EXISTS?! It sure does folks! Willow Ridge Estates and the Parks of Willow Ridge!! There are a few inventory homes left which you can check out on my pinterest page here: http://pinterest.com/ssandlin24/parks-at-willow-ridge/ There are three builders currently in the neighborhood: Beazer, Highland, and Dunhill homes. They all are building a pretty great product, especially for the price. And this location is KILLER!! If anyone wants additional information about this awesome community you can email me at ssandlin24@gmail.com or call me @ (817) 808 3159 – I would love to give some tours of the community to anyone who thinks they may be interested!

http://pinterest.com/ssandlin24/parks-at-willow-ridge/ CHECK IT OUT!

Help me name this blog!

Anyone out there? I am trying to think of a name for this blog, but I am stuck. I am creating this blog to discuss home builders and new construction in the DFW metroplex. I also will discuss different communities, the model homes and floor plans of this builder over that builder, available inventory, is this place investor friendly? Different school districts/schools for specific neighborhoods. What kind of shopping or restaurant/bars are nearby. What other kind of entertainment is near any of the communities I bring up on the blog.

I think that should pretty well cover what this blog is about, so now I need an awesome name!!

Ill tell you what..Im going to make this a game! If you chose the winning name for this blog, I will (assuming you use me to buy or sell a house for you) give you a $1,500 prize, but only AFTER you close. Who’s game for that?? Let me know if your in…that a pretty sweet prize!

Welcome to the DFW Home Builder/New Construction Blog Zone!!!

Hello, Hello, to all my Texan brother’s and sister’s out there! Welcome to my BRAND SPANKING NEW BLOG!! My name is Stephen Sandlin, born and raised right here in the DFW Metroplex, I have some amazing parents that still live in the area, and on my Dad’s side a ton of great Aunt’s, Uncle’s, and Cousins who all still live in the area as well. My Grandfather, J.B. Sandlin, was the Patriarch of our family for many years, until the year 2000 when he unfortunately lost his struggle with cancer, and went to be with all the angel’s up in heaven.

Back in the day, in the early 1950’s by Grandfather had a great job as a teacher, coach, and principal in the Birdville School District. A few years after my Dad was born, in 1954, my Grandfather decided he was going to build his family a new home. So he just rolled up his sleeves one day and went to work on building his first home, all while still working his jobs at the school. After he built that first home he realized he had a knack for building, and all of his colleagues and friends began to notice how great the home he built for his own family was. At this point he began taking orders to build homes for some co-workers at Birdville.

He officially started Sandlin Custom Homes in 1957, and he then spent the next decade or so at Birdville working as a coach and principal, all while building beautiful, affordable homes (his first clients were teachers, just like himself) on the side. He finally got to the point where he knew it was time to make a choice, and the decision he made has had a fantastic impact on not only his family, but the entire DFW Metroplex. His influence even expanded out of the DFW area, to both the state, and even national level of the home building industry.

He was one of the first builders in the country that was offering a growing middle-class, beautiful homes that had functional layouts, that came with all the bells and whistles of the day. To this day, he is still one of the most ground-breaking, innovative builders, that played a huge role in shaping the way the growing middle-class of the day lived, all throughout the great state of Texas, and even across the entire United States of America. He was among the first inductees, during the opening year, to the Texas Housing Hall of Honor.

Following in their Dad’s footsteps, my father, Mike Sandlin, along with his two brothers, and brother-in-law, Terry Sandlin, Scott Sandlin, and Matt Speight, have all gone into the building industry. They have all spent the last 35 + years helping to develop and build homes across the metroplex. Without the combined efforts of my Grandfather, J.B. Sandlin, my Father, Mike Sandlin, and all my uncles, the metroplex could be a very different place. I am honored to have had so many great men in my family put so much work into seeing their home, the DFW Metroplex, grow up around them, to the huge heights seen today.

I have Real Estate in my blood, I am passionate about it and I am always wanting to get involved, or help people out in whatever way that I can. Immediately after college, I came home and began working for my family selling homes. I spent about 3 – 4 years working out of a model home and selling in just that one community, I eventually lost interest and decided that the building industry is not for me. I LOVE selling homes, but being limited to just one community, and one builders product to sell, things got boring for me. So I decided to branch out on my own, in a similar field, and not directly supported by my family.

I decided get my real estate license, and head out my own adventure, going wherever I felt myself being drawn. It has actually worked out really well for me, I am currently in the process of starting up a new real estate team/duo, based out of Keller Williams. The great thing about doing something on my own, with just one single partner (who is incredibly like-minded, and ambitious just like me) is we get to decide what we want to do, how we are going to do it, and what pace are we going to set. Because I have such a background in building/new construction, and there are not many Realtors that specialize in this niche, but I have decided to dedicate myself to helping all those folks out there looking to purchase a new home in DFW sometime in the near future.

The purpose of this blog is to help me accomplish a couple things, first: I want to have a system in which I can attract buyer’s interested in new construction to me, instead of going to tour model homes on their own. I know what happens when someone walks into a sales center without an agent, I used to be that salesperson. Every builder out there has Realtor commission (or real estate “fees”) budgeted into each and every home they sell. If a buyer goes out to a sales center they are going to run directly into that builders sales person. New homes sales people are the absolute best of the best. You think used car salesmen are good? Why don’t you try comparing a used car salesmen selling a car for $3,500 to a new home sales counselor helping a customer justify why they should spend $350,000 on this house, today. My goal in creating this blog, and assisting people looking to buy a new home, is to go into that sales center with my buyer and make sure the salesperson can’t pull anything on my clients. By going with me to look at new homes, they are not going to be sold on something emotionally, everything will be a logical decision when I am on your side, and this is precisely what builders don’t want. But at the same time, they will still generally go through with a sale with smaller margins in order to keep the juice flowing, and most builders will get over it very quickly because they know there is another emotional buyer, without anyone to represent their interests, about to walk in as soon as my client and I walk out with a killer deal, unfortunately the guy that just went in behind us…he is not going to get the best deal on anything, that is FOR SURE.

My other goal with this blog is to publish a good amount of content created by myself, my partner, or anyone else that has something they would like to share, that is related to the building/new construction industry in DFW. I plan on going around every week to all the different communities and visiting the model homes and introducing myself, and getting to know all the sales people in the areas I want to sell.  This blog is not just for me…I would like this to be a true resource for anyone looking for information on the new construction market, or any specific builders. I hope to get some builders to give me some articles that I can post on the site on their behalf, and if they have any special incentives, or new pricing, new inventory, anything they would like to get out to the public I will offer my blog as a free internet pulpit. I plan on being at this for a long time, and over the next couple of years, as pretty much the only agent focusing this much on new construction, I bet I will get a lot of great information from different builders and/or their sales reps. I also would like to star posting inventory homes of the week/month, builder of the week/month, best sales rep to work with, and they happen to be with ABC Builders. Along with these little teaser posts, I plan on getting special incentives from the builder or sales person the post is about, that is exclusive to my blog and through using me to bring you to the builder or salesperson.

This is still a very early point in the project (day one) but I am already very confident. I think this is an awesome new niche market that nobody has really decided, “hey Im going to focus on selling to builders”, nobody but me that is…having been on that side of the desk, I know all the issues that come up between builder and realtor, and I am prepared to handle anything like that without a problem.  The overall end game goal with this blog, to know I have reached the max with it, is when anyone looking to build, or purchase a home from a builder in the DFW Metroplex, checks this blog first for review of builder and communities, and to see what kind of special incentive I can get for them. If that is not happening, I have not done my job and I need to make sure to work harder, and harder until I know I am there. I want to be the best, not second best or third best, I will not put this blog to rest until I know 99.995% of everyone is using my site before making a purchase with a builder!

So, welcome to my blog about the new construction/home builder niche market, located in Dallas/Fort Worth. This is day one, so don’t expect to find the Encyclopedia Britannica on home builders or new communities on this blog/web page….yet. I will try my best to get there, but all great things take time. Also, if you come to this blog looking for information/reviews on a specific builder and there is no information about them, let me know through comment, or send an email, I will then go scout any builder/community in the area, and get you back with a report ASAP. Thanks to EVERYONE that decides to come check out the first post on this blog, I really appreciate it, and if you think it is a good idea, and you want to see this thing go from a small, dinky little blog, come back over and over, leave comments/advice, or bring me a buyer/client/offer, anything like that will get you past my gatekeeper(s) immediately!


Thank You to EVERYONE that is helping me to make this entire thing possible, you know who you are!

-Stephen Sandlin

(817) 808 3159